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Monday to Friday | 8:30am – 1:00 pm (Certain services are with appointment and others by walk-in)

With appointment: Birth registration; Nationality; Power of Attorney; Certificate of inheritance; Visa. | Walk in: Consular registration; Passport and Citizen card renewal and pick up; Proof of life certificate; Certification of photocopy; Legally acknowledged signature; Residence certificate; Authorization for minor to travel

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The most requested consular services are by appointment only, preferably scheduled through the online BOOKING application. This way we seek to avoid waste of time to our customers who can schedule their visit to the Consulate on the Internet, without the need for further contact, receiving an email confirmation with the date and time of the appointment. Other services, as indicated below, are available without appointment.

Furthermore, we made available the so-called CONSULATE AT HOME, through which our customers can get various documents without the need to visit the Consulate, receiving at home the required documents. Before making an appointment or visiting the Consulate, see what documents you can get without leaving your home.

In the services section you will find all relevant information about the consular acts or documents which can be requested at the Consulate, as well as those that can be ordered from home. Select the subject from the services’ menu. You will find there useful information about what is required when requesting an act or document.

Please note: All information provided is of general nature. Analysis and the specificities of each particular case may determine additional documentation or other requirements.

In case of doubt about any service you would like to request, please contact us, preferably by sending an email to:



Customers should make an online BOOKING for the following services:


The presence of the parents or the applicant if over 18 is required.

Required documents: 

  • Birth certificate with informants´and parents’ names, passport size photo, and the passport of the applicant (if over 14).

Cost: Free (if under 14); variable (over 14 years old) between USD 22.87 and USD 300.75, payable in cash.

For more information:


Required documents: 

  • B.I./citizen card or Passport;
  • Tax Identification Number for each grantor(s) and the draft for power-of-attorney; full name, nationality, marital status, and address of your representative;

The presence of each grantor is required. They must be registered at the Consulate. If not, they must bring 1 passport size photo.

Cost:  USD 57.17, payable in cash.

For more information:


Required documents: 

  • B. I. ou Citizen Card (valid and indicating US residency);
  • Proof of US residence (e.g. US driver’s license).

If you cannot come to the Consulate due to proven illness, you can ask a third person to do so, and present to the Consulate a document issued by your doctor indicating the impossibility of appearance for health reasons. You must be registered at the Consulate. If not, bring a passport size photo.

Cost: Free.


Required documents: 

  • B.I. or citizen card (valid and indicating US residency);
  • Employment letter to support the condition of productive emigrant for over 6 months.
  • If retired, must present document with proof of respective earnings/payment;
  • Proof of current address document (photocopy).

You must be registered at the Consulate. If not, bring 1 passport size photo.
Applicant must be present at the Consulate.

Cost: USD 34.30
, payable in cash.


Required documents: 

  • Photocopies of identification documents w/ photo of foreign heirs, and if Portuguese, citizen cards/Identity cards photocopies;
  • Birth and marriage certificates of the heirs, if foreigners;
  • Certificate of will (if any);
  • Portuguese death, marriage, birth certificates provided by Consulate, if requested in advance;
  • Presence of oldest/main heir, with respective citizen card or B.I

Presence of oldest/main heir, with respective citizen card or B.I. He/She must be registered at the Consulate. If not, bring 1 passport size photo.

Cost: USD 228.70, payable in cash / “cash”.

For more information: habilitacao-de-herdeiros

Customers need to make an appointment by EMAIL for the following services:

  • Acquisition and loss of Portuguese nationality;
  • Marrying at the Consulate;
  • Will.



Customers should visit the Consulate without scheduling (will be attended to on a first come-first served basis) for the following services:


    Required documents:

    • Bilhete de Identidade (B.I.) and, if you have them, Tax Identification Number, Social Security card, Health User Card
    • Citizen Card (if not an initial application)
    • 1 photo (if not yet registered at the Consulate)

    Cost: Varies between USD 17.15 and USD 51.45, payable in cash / “cash”

    For more information:


    Required documents:

    • B. I. ou Citizen Card (valid) and previous Passport.

    You must be registered at the Consulate. If not, bring 1 passport sized photo.

    Cost: Varies between USD 87.77 and USD 131.50, payable in cash / “cash”

    For more details:


  • Consular registration;
  • Documents pickup;
  • Photocopies certification;
  • Signatures certification;
  • Voter registration;
  • Obtaining Tax Identification Number (NIF);
  • Travel authorization for minors.



Services that do not require in-person presence at the Consulate should be requested by mail. You can do it simply by mailing the necessary elements and a “money order” and you will receive the requested document at home. For more information, please click CONSULATE AT HOME. Services available are:

  • Requesting marriage certificate;
  • Requesting birth certificate;
  • Requesting death certificate;
  • Shipping container/Luggage certificate;
  • Residence certificate;
  • Automobile import certificate;
  • Certificate to exchange American drivers license by Portuguese drivers license;
  • Certificate to exchange Portuguese drivers license by American drivers license;
  • Certificate of two name usage;
  • Annual income certificate;
  • Military certificate (To exempt having to show up to Dia da Defesa Nacional);
  • Death registration in Portugal;
  • Marriage registration.