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In the context of the pursuit of the strategic objectives established in the program of the XIX Constitutional Government – foreign direct investment funding – it came into force , on October 8, a new special regímen for the granting and renewal of a temporary residence permit, a visa waiver residence for investment activity in Portugal, designated ARI or Golden Residence Permit Program.

Under Law 29/2012 of August 9, such authorization may be required by citizens who provide investment activity in Portugal that leads, for at least 5 years, to one of the following situations:

  1. Transfer of capital in the amount of not less than 1 million euros, which can be done in companies not listed on the Stock Exchange;
  2. Creation of at least ten (10) jobs;
  3. Acquisition of immovable property of value equal or more than 500,ooo euros, which can be done in co-ownership.

Requests for grant of ARI can be delivered in any Portuguese diplomatic or consular service, or at SEF delegations in Portugal.

Interested applicants must deliver all required documents to process the application and pay a tax fee of €500.00. The cost of each permit will be €5,000.00 and its annual renewal €2,500.00. The ARI holders can apply for family reunification under the general law.

Residence permits granted are renewable, should the holders thereof prove that they reside in Portugal seven days per year (consecutive or not) in the first year and 14 days in subsequent periods of 2 years.

For further information we suggest you see the Law and brochure, available in Portuguese and English in or

Order 1820-A in English.