Portuguese citizens residing (even temporarily) in this consular area must register in the Consulate, as a precondition for their consular protection and to obtain Portuguese documentation.
When applying for consular registration, the Portuguese citizen must be present, unless is 10 years old or younger, where one of their parents must be present and request the registration.

To register the following documents are required:

– Valid Portuguese ID card (Bilhete de Identidade) or Citizen Card (Cartão de Cidadão);
– Portuguese Passport (not mandatory but recommended)
– 1 photo, updated and in color;
– For minors 10 years old and younger, who might not have a valid Portuguese ID card /
Cartão de Cidadão, a “Cédula Pessoal”, a birth certificate.
– Proof of address within the Consular Jurisdiction Area (States of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware).

When the applicant is unable to produce a valid Portuguese ID Card / Cartão de Cidadão and can only exhibit a valid Portuguese passport, a provisional consular registration (valid for 3 months) will be processed. This will only entitle the new registered citizen to apply for documents that do not require identification information.

There is no cost associated with the consular registration.