After Conclusion of the election to the European Parliament, and since it was found that some nationals of this consular area could not exercise their right to vote because they had not timely updated their place of residence, after requesting the citizen card in Portugal, the Consulate General of Portugal in Newark alert all nationals, with more than 18 years, actually residing in its consular area (States of New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania), to update their status on the electoral registers of the consular post.

Moreover, many voters do not receive in their homes the ballot in elections in which the vote is cast by mail (Elections for the Assembly of the Republic), because the addresses contained in the electoral registers do not correspond to the actual home addresses or are incorrectly transcribed .

There is the case of registration for which has been found twice in succession to return the envelopes containing the ballots, which will discontinue sending the ballots to the voter to confirm the timeliness of his abode.

And finally, those nationals 18 years old or older who are not yet enrolled in the electoral registration (this is an independent from consular registration), are requested to do so, at this Consulate General, in person, bearing up their citizen card or updated BI, indicating residence in the U.S.

All interested nationals are urged, therefore, to promptly, and before any election process, apply for voter registration or verify the electoral registers, namely checking if your application remains in the census and if the number, name and mailing address are correct, so taking the opportunity to update and correct any eventual errors.

The Voter Registration of Portuguese living abroad, although not mandatory, is a duty of citizenship, which allows them to exercise an important right – the right to vote.

Newark, June 17, 2014.
(Informative Note)