The BIS-Bank for Social Innovation is an initiative launched on April 30, 2013 by Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa which joined the 27 public, private and social economy institutions. Its goal is to promote social innovation, ie, encourage innovative and sustainable solutions to problems, needs or challenges of social, economic, environmental and cultural considerations of general interest.

It is an informal platform that aggregates the assets of knowledge, experience, skills, and networks of the 27 partners who are part and invests in creativity and entrepreneurial capacity of society to set responses that improve the quality of life.

To carry out this mission, the BIS is structured in the following areas of action:
– Education, Culture and Citizenship
– Experimentation and Social Innovation
– Support to Social Enterprises
– Social Investment Fund – Fund BIS

BIS is open to the participation of Citizenship and aims to stimulate your creativity and entrepreneurial skills to find new social responses and their willingness to participate and collaborate actively in the social innovation process platform.

For this purpose, established the “Centro Experimental de Inovação Social” (CEIS), the National Reference Centre for Social Innovation and the meeting point between citizens, technicians, researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, businesses, public and third sector organizations, to analyze, discuss, create and jointly develop products, services and innovative solutions that go beyond existing practices and responses. Also in the works CEIS Business Community BIS (CEB), the set of social enterprises that were born with the support of BIS under its Programme for Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprises.

This information can be reached in these web pages:

Newark, June 26, 2014.