The Consulate General of Portugal in Newark reminds all registered voters in the Electoral Census that the voting for the election to the European Parliament will take place in this Consulate General – The Legal Center at 1 Riverfront Plaza , Suite 40 , Newark , NJ 07102 :

For the electors registered in Newark, with voter numbers between 11 and 9258;
and for the electors registered in Philadelphia – Supplementary Post A -, with voter numbers between A-7 and A-928.

The days to exercise the right to vote are May 24 and 25 (Saturday , between 8:00 am and 7:00 ​​pm, and Sunday , between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm) .

Who has misplaced voter card, can consult in advance the Internet website and, in the respective fields , enter your full name and your date of birth ( in yyyy / mm / dd format) , and click ” search ” , thus getting his/her voter number.

Each voter, when appearing before the voting station , must present the voter card/certificate (otherwise , indicate his/her voter number ) be identified by the identity card/citizen card or any other official identification document containing current photograph and signature or fingerprint.
Recognized the voter , and after a ballot paper be handed to him/her, the voter enters the voting camera and there, alone, marks his/her vote with a cros in the choosed square, and then fold the voting ballot into four squares, with the printed side turned inward .
Returning to the table , he/she hands the voting ballot to the President who introduces it into the urn while the scrutineers discharge the vote in the discharge column and row corresponding to the name of the voter. The discharge is made by initials of the scrutineer in the chosen space for that purpose.

We call for the participation of all voters .

Newark , May 14, 2014 .