We inform all interested parties that a mini-portal was created under the SEcomunidades Portal, in which, in addition to helpful information on travelling to Brazil during the World Cup, you can also consult one Fan Guide, prepared specifically for the occasion and discharge the contents of a folder with relevant information on the matter.

If you intend to travel to Brazil to watch the matches of the FIFA World Cup 2014, do not leave without ensuring:

The validity of your passport for a minimum period of 6 months only valid travel document to Brazil;
Tickets for the games you want to watch;
The accommodation and transportation in Brazil;

Sending an e-mail to the Office of Consular Emergency Ministry of Foreign Affairs (gab.emergencia @ mne.pt) where you provide details of your trip and, among other data, the name of a relative or friend be contacted in an emergency;

Compliance with the requirements of the Brazilian authorities to enter the country (http://www.consulado-brasil.pt/visto_turis.htm).

Where necessary, the Consular Sections of Embassies and Portuguese Consulates can provide support to our community. This support translates into:

Issuing emergency travel document for situations involving loss of documentation;
Facilitating contact with hospitals in case of accident or illness and lawyers and police when arrested.

Consular protection can not, however, release him/her from prison or place for you to pay hotel bills, doctor, lawyer, or other travel.

On days of the games with the national team, members of Portuguese security forces (PSP) were assigned to, in coordination with local authorities, and duly identified, wearing uniform of origin of the corporation, ensure support and safety of Portuguese fans moving to stadiums.

There will also be mobile teams of consular support, properly identified, at the main concentration of public places (stadiums, hotels and catering areas and areas for FIFA FanFest).

Apart from reading this site entirely dedicated to this great event, you can also consult and print to take with you on the trip brochure that the General Directorate of Consular Affairs and Portuguese Communities prepared with the essential information to supporters:

Click the following link to access the mini-portal: