A Power of Attorney is the act by which someone gives another person voluntarily powers of representation.

– How to do:

The powers of attorney that require notarial intervention should be done in any of the following ways:

1 – By Public instrument (done at the Consulate), and in this case, the grantor (s) must be registered at the Consulate.

2 – By a document written and signed by the grantor(s), with respective handwriting and signature legalized by the Consulate.
Each grantor must be pre-registered at the Consulate.

3 – By Public instrument (done at any Notary Agency)


– Citizen Card / Valid ID card (or passport if you do not have Citizen Card / valid ID Card);
– Portuguese Taxpayer Number;
– Draft of the power of attorney (preferably obtained from the Notary Office, in Portugal, where it will be subsequently

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The Grantor (s) must be previously registered in this Consulate General.
To do a power of attorney, the physical presence of the grantor(s) at the Consulate is required on the day and hour previously scheduled.