A Power of Attorney is the act by which someone gives another person voluntarily powers of representation.

– How to do:

The powers of attorney that require notarial intervention should be done in any of the following ways:

1 – By Public instrument (done at the Consulate), and in this case, the grantor (s) must be registered at the Consulate.

2 – By a document written and signed by the grantor(s), with respective handwriting and signature legalized by the Consulate.
Each grantor must be pre-registered at the Consulate.

3 – By Public instrument (done at any Notary Agency) and the Notary Public signature must be legalized by the Consulate (in
which case, the Notary has to be be previously registered in the Consulate).


– Citizen Card / Valid ID card (or passport if you do not have Citizen Card / valid ID Card);
– Portuguese Taxpayer Number;
– Draft of the power of attorney (preferably obtained from the Notary Office, in Portugal, where it will be subsequently


USD 58.50, if the power of attorney is done at the Consulate (as mentioned in 1);
USD 17.55, if made in handwriting;


The Grantor (s) must be previously registered in this Consulate General.
To do a power of attorney, the physical presence of the grantor(s) at the Consulate is required on the day and hour previously scheduled.