1. If the deceased was a Portuguese national

Required documents:

  • Full transcript of bith certificate for death registration purposes (can be obtained by the Consulate);
  • Full marriage and birth certificates of the spouse, if the deceased was married, for detah registration (can also be obtained by the
    Consulate, if the spouse is Portuguese)
  • “Full transcript of Birth Certificate”

Important Note: If at death, the deceased did not have in its records the endorsements for actual marital status, its updating will be necessary before the death registration.

2. If the deceased is a foreigner, to update the Portuguese spouse birth record

Required documents:

  • “Full transcript of Death Certificate”
  • Birth Certificate of the surviving spouse (can be obtained by the Consulate)
  • Marriage Certificate (can be obtained by the Consulate, if marriage was registered in Portugal)


  • Death Registration – Exempt
  • Death Registration with removal of remains to Portugal – USD 58.50
  • Coffin/Ashes transport license – USD 35.10