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A Schengen visa (or uniform visa) issued by the Embassy or Consulate of any of the countries below enbales the holder to travel in all of the following countries, using the following regulations:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland  and Sweden.

As the processing of a visa application may take up to three weeks, it is essential to apply with sufficient lead time.


  1. If you intend to visit only one Schengen country, you need to apply at the Embassy or Consulate of that particular country.
  2. If you intend to visit several Schengen countries, you must apply at the Embassy or Consulate of your main destination country. Main destination is the country where you will stay the most days.
  3. If you intend to visit several Schengen countries but do not have a main destination, you should apply at the Consulate which is your first point of entry.
  4. Applications should be filed in person at the Embassy or Consulate in whose jurisdiction you reside. If you cannot apply in person, you must contact the appropriate Embassy or Consulate for further instructions.


  1. Visa application form – completely and legibly filled, signed by the applicant, and  1 passport-size color photo (not older than 6 months).
  2. Passport or travel document – which must be valid for at least three months after the expiration of the visa for which you are applying. The passport or travel document must be recognized by all parties of the Schengen Agreement and could not have been issued at more than 10 years, even if it was prorogated and is still valid.
  3. Proof establishing the purpose of trip – please present the original of either a letter of invitation, official invitation, company letter (for business travelers), or proof of participation in group travel.
  4. A confirmed flight reservation and itinerary – should be submitted with the visa application; and/or proof that you can and will continue your trip after your visit to the Schengen countries.
  5. Travel health/accident insurance – covering accident/medical/hospital expenses, and repatriation costs, if necessary (minimum of USD 50.000,00). (Regular insurance from the US is not accepted. Must be travel medical insurance. Some companies provides this insurance: insuremytravelvisa.com; travelex;  S.O.S. international; Insubuy.
  6. Proof of sufficient funds (last 3 months bank statements, traveler checks, letter of employment, international credit card, etc.)
  7. Proof of accommodations – i.e., hotel reservation or, if staying with family or friends, an official letter of invitation signed by your host must be submitted.  The host’s signature must be notarized by the local authorities of the relevant Schengen country.If the host is a citizen of Portugal or of another European Union country, he/she/ must include copy of identification Card or national passport; if a legal resident of Portugal or of another E. U. country, proof  of legal residency must also be submitted.
  8. Proof of U. S. residency permit notarized copy of alien residency card, or valid U. S. visa with original form I-94 and/ or I-20, I-AP 66, or I-512, if applicable. Visas and permits to re-enter the U. S. must be valid for 3 months beyond date of expiration of the Schengen visa.   If applying for transit visa, a ticket showing destination to the final country must be presented.
  • If the applicant is a minor, written consent of the parent or guardian having custody of the child.  The signatures on this document must be notarized;
  • Visa fees vary depending on the type of visa, duration of stay, and the exchange rate. Visa fees are payable in cash or money-order only;
  • Stamped, self-addressed envelope (certified or express mail, FEDEX, UPS, etc.). If the passport is to be mailed to you once the visa is ready.


  • Tickets should not be purchased before all above requirements are fulfilled. The Embassies or Consulates of the Schengen countries are not responsible for any loss or penalties that might be incurred.
  • Visas can only be accepted/processed once all required documents are received.
  • In individual cases, more documents may be required by the Embassies or Consulates of the Schengen States.



Visa Fees:

Visa Fees are payable upon presentation of application and are not refundable, even if visa is denied or applicant withdraws the visa request.



AIRPORT (airline transfer only; holder cannot leave international area of airport)  *
TRANSIT (5 days maximum stay; when transiting to another country outside Schengen space)  *
SHORT STAY – UP TO 30 DAYS; 1 or 2 entries  *
SHORT STAY – UP TO 90 DAYS; 1 or 2 entries  *
SHORT STAY – UP TO 90 DAYS PER SEMESTER; valid for 6 months/ multiple entries  *
SHORT STAY/BUSINESS – UP TO 90 DAYS; valid for 1 to 5 years/ multiple entries  *


* The Visa fee varies between 73.60 USD and 75.00 USD depending on the European Central Bank exchange rate.


Mailing Instructions  (for those applying by mail):


Please contact us in advance by E-mail to know if we may accept your mail application.

  • Visas my be mailed to applicant by certified mail, express mail, FEDEX, or UPS (no other forms of mailing will be accepted). Please include the proper envelope, self-addressed or with completed prepaid invoice or with an account number.
  • The Consulate is not responsible for items lost in transit. Please keep tracking number from your mailing invoice.

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