The passport is a travel document individual, valid for five years, which allows the holder to enter and exit Portugal and abroad.
Submission Request
The application for the ordinary passport is presented in person by the applicant. The application for a common passport for minor, interdicted or incapacitated is signed and presented, in person, by whom, under the law, exercises parental authority, guardianship or trusteeship.
Proof of Identity
The passport applicant must prove identity through the display of identity card / citizen card, duly updated.
Elements that accompany the request, and Fees
The application for the ordinary passport shall contain the following elements:
a) identity card / citizen card, updated;
b) previous passport.


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A) PASSPORT TO MINORS (under 12 years)

Minors when not accompanied by whoever has parental responsibility, can only enter and exit Portugal showing authorization for this purpose. This authorization must be in writing, dated and with the legalized signature of the person exercising parental authority, granting powers of monitoring to a third party, properly identified. Such authorization may be used indefinitely, within the validity period that the document mentioned, which, however, may not exceed the period of one calendar year. If not mentioned other period, the permit is valid for six months from the date thereof.


The Provisional Travel Document is issued to individuals of Portuguese nationality, duly confirmed, who are undocumented and to whom, by urgency, it’s not possible to issue another travel document in time. The provisional travel document is only strictly and necessarily valid to the return to Portugal.

Actual fee: varies


The temporary passport is a individual travel document, which allows the respective holder to circulate in and out of the country for a limited period of time (maximum validity is 1 year), and whose concession, of exceptional character, depends upon prior authorization.
Elements that accompany the Request for Temporary Passport and Fees
The request for temporary passport requires the following elements:
a) two equal colored photos of the face of the applicant, on a plain background, passport size, obtained in less than a year, with good ID conditions;
b) proof of parental authority, guardianship or trusteeship, in case the temporary passport is intended for a minor, interdict or incapacitated;
c) Proof of request previously made for ID Card / Citizen Card, and document justifying the urgency and exceptional character of the request, when
the grounds for issuing the temporary passport arise from facts attributable to the applicant.

Actual Fee: varies