All electors have the right and the duty to promote their entry in the electoral registration, and to verify whether they are enrolled and, in case of error or omission, to request respective correction.

The inscription in electoral registration has permanent effects and can only be cancelled in situations and terms as provided by law.

The registration is unique for all elections by direct and universal vote.

No one can be registered more than once in electoral registration.

May enroll in electoral registration:

  • Citizens with 18 years of age or more;
  • Citizens aged 17, provisionally, becoming automatically efective when turning 18 years old.

Place of registration: electors residing abroad are enrolled in Registration Commissions operating locals (Consulate of the residence area) corresponding to the address stated in the Citizen Card / Identity Card, or the address indicated on your American driver’s license, or other ID document issued by the competent authority.

Documents required for enrollment:

  • Valid ID card or Citizen Card;
  • Proof of current address (driver’s license), if Identity Card or Citizen Card does not indicate “United States of América” as country of residence.


The enrollment operations, as well as the modification and deletion of inscriptions in electoral registration are accepted at any time, except during the 60 days before each election or referendum.

Can still register until the 55th day prior to election day, citizens who complete 18 years until  the day of the election or referendum.


The exposure of electoral registration books, for consultation and complaints from electors, happens during the month of March each year.

Between 39th and 34th days prior to each election or referendum, listings of changes occurred since the last period of public exhibition are exposed.

See Portal do Eleitor  for more information.