To be observed by all Portuguese youth (male and female) when they reach 18 years old.
Portuguese citizens 18 years old who legally reside or are temporarily abroad, with regard to the fulfillment of military duty of appearence on National Defense Day, should consult call notices, available online at

This site will enable them to know the day and the National Defense Day Center in which to fulfill this military duty. If not listed and/or have not made the change of address on Portuguese ID document, must report this (indicating the correct data) to <ahref=””> or by fax +351 213 013 037 or even to DGPRM/MDN, Avenida Ilha da Madeira, nº 1, 4º, 1400-204 Lisboa, Portugal;</ahref=””>

  • If residing legally abroad, on a permanent and continuous basis, for at least 6 months, they may request waiver to the National Defense Day, or if they are temporarily abroad should request an adjournment to fulfill this military duty;

The unexcused absence of the duty to appear on the military’s National Defense Day implies that the military situation be irregular, and the application of a fine of € 249.40 to € 1,247.00, the inhibition for the exercise of public functions and setting a new deadline for the fulfillment of this duty..


The recruitment operations are usually carried out in compliance with the provisions of Law nº 174/99 of September 21st. (Military Service Law) and Decree-Law nº 289/2000 of November 14th. (Regulation of the Law on Military Service), beeing the military census the overall recruitment operation which aims to get the information of all citizens who reach each year, the initiation age of military obligations.


 Following the Measure 148 of 2007 Simplex program, military census is automatic: the process is done online, with the Ministry of Justice automatically transferring to the Ministry of Defense data with all citizens who reach 18 years old, thereby avoiding trips to the Consulate.

You must read the information related to the National Defense Day. Portuguese youth residing abroad may be exempted from attendance, upon REQUERIMENTO.

The application requesting the waiver of appearance at National Defense Day must be submitted to the Consulate, who will issue a Residence Certificate.